The Galaxy is Your Sandbox

Star Singularity is an indie open world, top down, space combat game.
Gather precious resources to craft new gear and customize your ship against rival fleets.
Explore the ever changing galaxy, build your fleet and conquer solar systems.

Whom do you serve?

After centuries of tyranny, a civil war erupted across the galaxy.
The vicious war lasted for years and years.
Only after several decades, a peace treaty was signed.
A new solution was created by the opposing factions in order to preserve the peace.
Little did they know that this "solution" would soon be their downfall.

The year is 3848
You are a captain of a starship with a perilous task before you.
By showing your allegiance to the rivaling factions of the galaxy, you will shape the fate of the universe.

Gameplay features


real time space battles


Fleet and ship customization


Create your Galaxy

  Procedurally generated solar systems in sandbox play


engaging story with meaningful choices

Your choices will shape and change the galaxy



 Living world with opposing factions with their own territories, agendas and quests


Deep mining system



Hundreds of craftable items


What's new


About us

We are an independent studio consisting of three software engineering veterans. We are passionate gamers, who have been playing games for many years, and we wanted to make something we think other gamers will love. This game will reflect the inspiration we derived from some of our favorite games.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the world of Star Singularity as much as we enjoyed crafting it!

We Need You


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