The Factions in the Galaxy

Our galaxy is populated with different factions. Each faction has its own goals, attitude, and technology.

The galaxy is divided between the factions, with the Federation controlling one side of the galaxy and the Empire the other, with pockets of pirates, as well as a Trading Guild. An unknown force controls the center of the galaxy.

Here's a sneak peek at the technology of some of the factions.

The Empire:

The empire relies on cloaking to make quick and devastating sneak attacks, their ships have strong hulls but no shields, their weapons have strong burst damage and their generators have large capacity but a slow generation rate.

The Federation:


The federation relies on drones, strong shields, and support ships that replenish energy and shields. They attack from a distance and out gun most of the other factions in a sustained fight.

The Trading Guild:


The Trading Guild usually avoids confrontation but they are one of the more technologically advanced factions. They rely on disrupting the enemy. They use E.M.P. devices to stun enemies, energy disruption fields to drain the energy of the enemy, and anti cloak fields. It is wise to stay on their good side.

Pirates factions:


The pirates comprise of several factions, but they share similar technology. They rely on ramming ships, tractor beams, energy nets, mines and active shields that stop projectiles.