The First Boss Encounter

The first boss you will meet in the game is the Ancient Miner.

Ancient miners are robotic drones designed to mine asteroid fields.

The miner’s items were designed to mine but they also pack a punch.


Devastator – the devastator uses a fusion core as ammo in order to crate a ring of fire that destroys asteroids and ships in the area.

Fusion Core Fabricator – the miner produces its ammo from  raw materials found in the asteroids around it.

Vacuum Modulator –  in order to pull all the raw materials left from the devastated asteroids the miner uses an item that pulls all nearby items to it.

Asteroid Grinder – In case the miner runs out of devastation cores it has another way to mine asteroids, the asteroid grinder emits radiation in a frequency that only damages asteroids. This way, when asteroids come near it they are ground into raw materials.

Last but not least – The Mining Laser – don’t go near it!