Solar System Generation Engine

A few weeks ago we worked on the galaxy map.

This week we worked on the second phase:
Randomly generating the meta data for each solar system.

Our galaxy will consist partly of solar systems that we will manually craft for the game’s campaign, but we will also randomly create dozens of solar systems with our engine.

As you can see from our temporary graphics, each solar system will contain the following basic information:

  • Name (in the meantime – based on real star systems’ names)
  • Type (double star, asteroid field, white dwarf, etc.)
  • Level (The higher the level, the more valuable the loot and the danger that await you there)
  • The name of the faction that is currently in control of the system
  • Resource rarity
  • How expensive the trip to the solar system is

All of this information will be generated randomly, including the pictures and rotation of the planets.

The bottom line is that every player may have a different galaxy, and every new game you will find new systems to explore.

The next phase will be for each solar system to randomly create all of the ships (and asteroids and bases and so forth) that inhabit it.