The Galaxy Map

This week we worked on the galaxy map.

At first we’ve used the same image for all of the location types – star system, asteroid field, nebula, etc.

We were trying to create a galaxy, randomly populated by 4 different factions. In the galaxy map they will each be represented by a different color.
Our first try looked like this:

Then we added different images for each location type.
When we added the image for the nebula, we forgot to scale it to size, and this was the artistic, somewhat abstract, result:

Another try that afforded better understanding to the user, and that we liked, looked like this:

But the nebulae were still too big.
So the next stage looked like this:

Now we’re considering whether a better indication of the controlling faction might be in order. So here are 2 more options we’re thinking about, possibly with an option to toggle this new layer on/off: