Mining is a very important part of Star Singularity.

We aim to make mining interesting and rewarding but also offer a way to automate parts of it.

There are two different types of mining in the game.

  1. Mines. Mines are really big rocks floating in space, and you need special mining gear to mine them.
    Mines are usually guarded by pirates or other factions.
  2. Asteroid mining. Asteroids are scattered throughout space, they come in many different forms and drop different types of minerals, and sometimes rare items.
    Some of the asteroids are dangerous to mine and can explode when you break them. Usually if you’re fast you can dodge the explosions though.

There are many items that help mining:

The Vacuum Modulator – when this item is equipped it will pull all items around you.

The Asteroid Grinder – when this item is equipped it will grind all asteroids near you.

This will protect you from being damaged by the asteroids and will provide a fast way to mine them. you can also combine this item with the Graviton Emitter to pull all asteroids near you and grind them, but be careful not to pull exploding asteroids to you.

In the image below you can see me being chased by an ancient miner with a Graviton Emitter.